I am a 59 year old Husband, Father and Grandfather. As a Viet Nam veteran I feel strongly that our troops have been abused and used in the current administrations misguided attempts at nation building. My  work background is  in the  construction trades; specifically the window and garage door business. In addition I ran a small glass company, worked on Stained Glass restoration in churches and spent two decades in sales and marketing to home builders.

My goal and dream is to earn a living as a writer till I die or can no longer type. I write to be read and thank my lucky stars when I actually get paid for it. My first non-fiction story is due to  be published in a small but locally prestigious magazine in July of this year. Till then I’m an almost published writer.

The genesis of this blog is the state of our current culture, economy, and political environment that has lent itself to the weakening of the once proud, productive and prevalent middle class (now really lower middle and upper working class) in America. As one of a dying breed I shall attempt to investigate our plight, report on events that effect us and comment on what I think the actions of government and corporate entities and officials mean to our welfare.

If you are sick of software commercials, crap TV, a bizillion types of worthless insurance, wasteful war, incompetent government management of our tax dollars, corporate greed, Madison Avenue’s influence on everything, Intellectualizing the abandonment of our culture and middle class and the rest of the riduculous things we see daily in our country; you will be happy here.

I intend to be true to my blue collar roots, my 60s experience in Viet Nam and back home here in the US, my experience as a Husband, Father and Grandfather, as well as my many years spent in the trades as a blue-collar worker. As I aged I switched to sales and marketing within my field of construction and building accessories. My heart is still with the very essential and very under valued people who pick up our garbage, fix our plumbing, build our houses, take our money as cashiers at the grocery store, and all the other men and women of the now defined upper working and lower middle class America.

I do not believe that a college education should be a prerequisite for decent employment, nor do I believe that we should turn a blind eye to the part played by greedy companies and undocumented workers who have effectively reduced the job market for high school grads by millions. It does seem evident that we need to do something quite different than we have been doing since 1979 if we are to change the decline in middle class buying power, leisure time, and political influence.

A great mind once said “If we abandon our manufacturing base in the US we will eventually be selling  each other Insurance or working jobs in the service industry.” It seems to me that we are deep into living that prediction now.

I don’t have all or perhaps any of the answers, yet I know it is essential that we understand the question before we can address solutions.

Therefore the Question is: What has happened to the Middle Class In America?

The mission of this blog will be to uncover the state of the American Middle Class, investigate how we got where we are and offer any and all solutions to the issues and problems uncovered. Join me if you will; your participation and input are both important and appreciated.

The Middle Class American


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