Middle Class Definition

There are links on this page to many resources about the exact definition of “Middle Class”. I wil use my own for the purposes of this blog. Here is my definition of middle class:

A person without a 4-year college degree working in a non-professional field or a non-professional position in a professional field (example: many jobs in healthcare including some nursing jobs) Note: Yes it is entirely possible to be middle class and have a four year degree; here the determining factor will be mindset and lifestyle

Middle class people share common goals, beliefs, and social cutoms. Examples: Wanting something better for their children, a spirtiual faith of some sort, the willingness to abide by the country’s laws.

Middle class people tend to be American in their veiwpoints regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or background. Examples: Belief in the US in spite of its mistakes, belief in their friends and neighbors, have common language skills, believe in following the rules (most of the time), know they have to pay taxes ( but hate it) think they should vote (but many do not) want better schools for their kids, like to play, travel, and vacation as a family. Of course there are many more examples, but these come to mind.

Middle class Americans still believe you can get ahead by hard work. Many work more than one job. Many middle class American families have both the Husband and Wife working full time. In older defintions of middle class you were considered working class if you worked with your hands. You had to be a “white collar” worker to be middle class. That has largely been replaced by income and lifestyle metrics today. As an example: when we lived in Flagstaff, AZ  we purchased a home in “Continental Country Club”. The neighborhood was middle to upper class but the home was a fixer-upper and at the time we bought it I was a garage door installer. Under the old definition we would have been working class. Only when I went to work as a salesman and stopped wearing blue jeans would we have qualified as “middle class” even though we were living the exact same lifestyle. Doesn’t really work does it?

So being middle class under the defintion used here is more about lifestyle, education, culture, spirtuality and mindset, than what you wear to work.

I will post links on this page for you to make your own decision and discovery if you are by definition Middle Class.

Reference Links for the Definition of Middle Class

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Class Action

American Middle Class (Wiki)



Websters dictionry



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