Middle Class Heroes

This one will take me a while. I will forgo the usual my dad, my mom, my wife thing and look outside my family for middle class Americans that make me proud. This page will be an ongoing project.


2 responses to “Middle Class Heroes

  1. henry ford, the man who raised production line wages so that his workers could afford to buy the products that they made.

  2. I thought about this for some time before replying to this comment. I think Henry Ford was a great industrialist and he certainly is credited with the invention of assembly manufacture, yet I don’t think of him as heroic.

    While his wages may have been the start of the modern middle class, the redundancy of the work on the line and the resulting malaise that eventually took over in American plants seems counterproduct to the middle class.

    In addition I don’t think he was middle class and that’s what I’m looking for here. Real middle class folks who are heroes.

    I know there are many, I’ll just have to wait till I find them.

    The Middle Class American

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